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B4B - Solution for E-invoices

As most of you are already aware, 01.05.2022. the law on electronic invoicing begins to apply. The B4B company developed its E-invoices solution within the SAP system without using intermediaries in communication with the Ministry of Finance portal. We enable our users to fulfill all their obligations following the new law without leaving the SAP environment. No additional interfaces, no integrations, simply performing all operations in a familiar environment.

The e-invoice solution consists of solutions that support the following:

1. Registration of outgoing documents on the E-invoice portal

2. Download from the E-invoice portal, validation, approval, and parking of incoming documents

3. Integration with the DMS system

E-Invoice Outgoing documents

The B4B solution for recording output documents on the E-invoice portal supports all the functionalities available on the E-invoice portal itself, defined according to the requirements of the Ministry of Finance. Output documents include output invoices, book approvals, book debits, and advance invoices. In addition, outgoing invoices intended for the CRF system can also be recorded using the E-invoice recording solution. Therefore, a separate recording of invoices on the CRF system is unnecessary. Furthermore, the solution supports output documents created in SD and FI SAP standard modules.

E-Invoice Incoming documents

The B4B solution for incoming documents supports the download of XML documents from the E-invoice portal, the invoice approval process on the E-invoice portal, and the incoming document's parking in the SAP system. Incoming documents include incoming invoices, book approvals, book debits, and advance invoices. In addition, by using the E-invoice recording solution, information can be obtained about the unique number of the invoice, if it is registered as a CRF invoice (CIR id), and the CRF status of the given invoice. The solution supports input documents created in MM and FI SAP standard modules.

Integration with DMS System

A DMS system means any system for saving pdf documents from a shared folder to advanced DMS systems. Before integrating the SAP system with the DMS system, it is necessary to check whether integration is possible. The preferred way to communicate between systems is using the REST API.

For all questions, you can contact us at or schedule a consultation at the following link:

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